We are a dedicated research and investigative team who regularly explore, experiment and document para-activity. We specialize in both scientific and spiritualistic paranormal phenomenon. As such, our approach is customized to the individual needs of our clients as well as providing the tools necessary to ameliorate their situation.

Our founding members discovered they all had similar experiences in their past, which has brought them together to walk this path. Between all team members, we have several decades of researching the paranormal, whether it be through reading, studies and/or actual investigations of residential, commercial and historical locations.

With the influx of television programs and movies about ghosts and unexplainable events, the awareness level of the general population has increased and more people and places seem to be experiencing “spirits”. We believe that undoubtedly some of the manifestations are in fact real and others may be a result of becoming caught up in the haunt. Some groups find ghosts everywhere they investigate, but that is simply not possible. The paranormal will not appear just because it has been commanded to do so. Conversely, a group who has come in to investigate a location and finds that there is nothing to report, can be tough for some homeowners to hear. Sometimes a few visits may be necessary to obtain more information. We pride ourselves in staying true to our methods and presenting the evidence, if any, exactly as it is.

Houses, land, and even people can become haunted. Spirits can attach to items and follow them from location to location. There are many different types of spirits and hauntings and not all are bent on harm. It is not always easy to determine which category a haunting falls in.

Our suggestion: find a group you can trust, are comfortable with and one that is not afraid to report the truth. Whatever you decide to do, please do NOT try to investigate the paranormal on your own! You might be opening doors to even greater disturbances. Contact someone who has a great deal of experience and who knows how to deal with all possibilities. But please do make sure to take action and find someone to help you. You are not alone. We are here to help you!

Our Team

Rob: Founder

Rob has been interested in the paranormal from a very young age. He was raised in a very small town rich with history including a town square where trials and hanging happened that still stands today. Rob founded Monroe County Paranormal Investigations first and foremost to help people. He was in college when he had his first real paranormal experience, and it lingered with him. He questioned if it was real. Did it really happen? Did he see what he thought he saw? For years he pondered that night – how he could prove or disprove what he had seen. When the opportunity presented itself, he joined an already established group and worked with them for two years. He used his time there to learn and study. He was, after all, about to embark on a journey into a difficult field, and potentially help people who needed and requested it. He considers himself a believer with a healthy dose of skepticism as well. As he says, “I take this very seriously; we deal with people’s homes and families, so we need to have reverence.”

Brian: Case Manager/Investigator       

Brian is a Case Manager and has been with MCPI for 10 years. While he is still skeptical of the paranormal world, he keeps an open mind to many different theories and possibilities, and enjoys using his problem solving skills to finding natural explanations and debunking reports of activity. He became interested in the paranormal at a young age and, as a result of the rise of television shows such as Ghost Hunters, he sought out a group in the area to join. Finding MCPI to be the most credible online presence, he reached out. He prides himself on his ability to communicate with clients and has their physical and emotional well being first and foremost in his mind.

Stacie: Case Manager/Investigator

Stacie is a Case Manager and has been with Monroe County Paranormal Investigations for over 15 years. When not investigating, she is a teacher and a mother of two.

Melissa: Case ManagerInvestigator

Melissa first became interested in the paranormal as a young girl, which stemmed from watching paranormal television shows, going on various ghost tours throughout the country, and personal experiences. As an adult, her intrigue grew after getting the opportunity to spend an evening investigating the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, OH, among other local investigations.She first met MCPI at the Rochester Brainery in June of 2017, and officially joined the group a short time later. Melissa is currently an Investigator for MCPI, and enjoys helping new team members hone their investigative skills.

Adam: Tech/Equipment Manager

Adam first became interested in the paranormal when he was 10 years old. As he came into his mid-20’s, his interest in the paranormal field grew, especially the question of what happens to all of us when we pass on? He conducted his own research on the subject for years, which eventually led to him discovering MCPI. He has an affinity for all things technical and will often research and build his own equipment.

Jennifer: Investigator

Jennifer has been interested in the paranormal since childhood, having numerous personal experiences. Over the years, her interest has only grown and ultimately led to her seeking out others with similar interests. She has now been involved in paranormal investigations for over 15 years at a variety of public and private locations.