That is correct, you read it right. The most famous serial murder case in world history may have a connection and a final answer here in Rochester N.Y.!

The murders took place in 1888 in the White Chapel section of London. The crimes were grisly, brutal and never solved. Over the years, several subjects have been put forth as the Ripper, from a Russian born con man to a member of the Royal Family. Years to come may provide even more. The murders sparked a worldwide Ripper hunt that turned up many suspects, but the case was never closed. It is doubtful that now, 120 years later, the case will ever be solved completely. There have been a plethora of new scientific and pseudo-scientific advances that have brought us closer than ever. Handwriting analysis by top researchers in the field, criminal profilers from Scotland Yard, the F.B.I. and N.Y.P.D have all offered up information on the case. I personally have read now four different books on the cases and each one puts forth a final answer as to who the killer is – however, only one name is consistent and found in all four books. He is the named suspect in a recent profile and now more than ever he seems to make the most credible suspect.

The now infamous “From Hell” letter has been compared to known samples of his handwriting and it has been concluded by more than one analyst that the style, flow, grammar, spelling, colloquialisms, and letter forms match. Yes, they MATCH! The only positively known piece of Ripper evidence, the “From Hell” letter, which arrived with a kidney from one of the victim’s was almost certainly written by our suspect.

He was known later in his life to hold extravagant dinner parties and then show the guests the hundreds of female sexual organs he had kept in jars around his house. He claimed to be a doctor and did have a very good knowledge of human anatomy. He traveled the world on the funds he made as a “doctor” but stood accused in the U.S. and Canada of crimes as serious as manslaughter of a patient. He received no formal medical training and did a majority of his learning on poor unsuspecting people.

The victims in the case were all prostitutes; he was married once before his open turn to homosexuality. The suspected reasons for this were that his wife had kept her past as a prostitute a secret and that during his travels she was still “working”. He would often go into rages about how disgusting and untrustworthy the female of the species were. He often dressed in overblown military dress from no particular country, often mixing countries, and proclaimed that being surrounded by fit military men was a far better life.

At the time of his death in his personal belongings were found very expensive jewelry, $400.00 in cash, and $1000.00 in spendable bonds, as well as, two ladies’ rings that were valued at less than $3.00 each, but were exact matches to rings that had been taken from one of the Ripper bodies. Those rings could have been a serial killers memento, and most profilers agree that a serial killer does take some sort of memento from his victims.

He was in White Chapel at the time of the murders, being arrested for “gross indecency” (homosexual activity), and subsequently released from jail only to flee England to France under a fake name. He then traveled to New York, where a team of investigators from Scotland Yard followed after him. It has been reported, falsely, that only one inspector came to the U.S. to trail him, when in fact, the records at The Yard, indicate at least six members were dispatched to locate and follow him. Why would anyone have that many agents assigned to watch them on a misdemeanor charge? The bail for which that was set, $300.00, was unusually high at the time. Important to note … THE MURDERS CEASED IMMEDIATELY AFTER HE FLED THE COUNTRY.

His looks and physical stature matched all of the supposed likenesses of the Ripper; he was also known to his friends to often be out on the streets at night. He was Irish American and spoke and wrote with mixed slang, which also matches the Liverpool letters which are also tied to him through analysis.Taken as individual items these all seem to be coincidence. Put them together and “Jack The Ripper” was raised and buried in Rochester, N.Y. as…

Francis Tumblety…

Francis Tumblety

Tumblety was known as an arrogant, obnoxious, uneducated child. He peddled pornography to boaters who traveled the waterways around Rochester as a pre-teen.

His boasting knew no bounds, not only did he claim to be an herb doctor, but moved to DC during the civil war claiming to know Abraham Lincoln and General Ulysses S. Grant and talked himself up so much that he was believed to be a Union Field surgeon. When confronted about one of his boasts he would fly into fits of rage, and mount great sermons on the such subjects as the worthlessness of women and his loathing of the female human being.

Many of his American contemporaries believed that he could be the ripper when they were interviewed about the whereabouts of the doctor.

The Littlechild letter…this is probably the most damning of all.

Inspector J. Littlechild was interviewed in 1913 and asked a series of questions about the case. He responded in a letter that has been confirmed in its authenticity that “Tumblety is a very likely suspect.”

Tumblety never stayed in one place very long, often traveling under an alias, moving not only state to state but in some instances country to country. His grave sits quietly in a cemetery along Lake Ave., and is adorned with the actual family name from Ireland: Tumuelty.

Francis Tumblety’s grave site at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Rochester, NY. Note the family spelling of Tumuelty on the headstone.

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you…JACK! Rochester raised.


By Rob, MCPI Founder